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Which training should I go to??

We have roughly divided the training groups into the following age groups:

  • Children aged 6-9 (regardless of which belt the child has)
  • Young people aged 10-18 (regardless of which belt the judoka has)
  • Adults aged 16 and over

If it turns out in the first training sessions that a judoka would be better off in another group, the trainers will approach the parents and suggest another group.

If further training groups go back into training after the department restarts, the group distribution may change again.



What should I bring?

  • You should wear a comfortable T-shirt and sweatpants (preferably without hard components) because you can join in immediately.
  • For long hair you should use a metal-free hair tie.
  • You will be barefoot on the training area (mat), so please bring slippers for going to the changing room or toilet.
  • For the drinking breaks you should pack a lockable, shatterproof bottle with drink (glass bottles are not allowed in the hall).
  • A small gym bag for the water bottle and valuables that you take with you to the gym.

What do I have to consider?

  • Judo is a contact sport, so we ask that you come to training with trimmed nails, clean feet and no contagious illnesses (cold or similar).
  • Please take off body jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets before training because of the risk of injury or, if possible, tape them off.
  • We start and end the training together with a greeting ceremony, so you should be on time.
  • Please bring a parent with you to your first training session.

How to register?

  • After a few trial training sessions, you can register directly with TSV Altomünster using this registration form. There you will also find an overview of the contributions.


 If anything remains unclear, simply contact one of the Trainer.